Ok–let’s talk about fear. Fear is truly the robber of your time, energy, thoughts, and joy. And I know this about fear because I lived with it for over 47 years—-37 years without even being aware of it. Since 2011, I have not only been aware of the impact fear has had on my life, but I’ve also learned to recognize the “fear attack” right away and am now able to use some powerful tools to conquer this fear sooner rather than later. And I no longer let fear distract me, lie to me, or discourage me (at least a good majority of the time–after all, I am human). I no longer let fear rob me of the life God is calling me to live. I no longer let fear rob me of the joy that God has for me. And I want to help you to the same.

First, let’s find out just how much fear controls your life. Fear can attack us in so many different ways and can disguise itself in many parts of our personality. Fear can cause us to worry too much about others and what they think of us. Fear can cause us to rely on ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Fear can cause us to fight for control of things we have no control over. Fear can cause us to stop believing in ourselves and miss opportunities that God has for us. Or fear can drive us straight to God and growing deeper in a relationship with Him.

To determine your Fear Personality, read each statement below and select the response you feel VERY STRONGLY about MOST OFTEN. Please don’t choose what you wish you would do or what you’re hoping to do in the future. Choose the response that you NATURALLY DO MOST OF THE TIME RIGHT NOW. At a future coaching session, we will discuss your Fear Personality as well as strategies for overcoming any fear challenges you may face.