Let’s be REAL–parenting is HARD and kids can drive us absolutely CRAZY! Instead of yelling, arguing, or spanking them to get them to behave…or instead of giving up and giving in to their fits and fights…or instead of bribing, bargaining, or begging with them, we have found a better way.

The Teamwork Parenting Approach will equip every parent with creative, loving, and effective tools to maintain our authority in our homes while still respecting our children…in any real-life parenting moment.

Our weekly tips will give you the tools you need to stay Calm, Confident, Cooperative, and Connected to build a close positive relationship with your child that will last a lifetime!  Plus, you will be updated on our free classes, support groups, parenting seminars, resources, and events in our community (and beyond) too.

Teamwork tools are on their way…