Unite your family and bring more unity and joy to your parenting.

The Teamwork Parenting Approach

The Teamwork Parenting Approach is a new style of parenting developed by Real Life Families Founder, Former Teacher, and Mother of 3, Christine Leeb. It teaches parents to:

  • team with God
  • team with their spouse (for single parents—teachers, pastors, other relatives, etc.)
  • and team with their kids

The Teamwork Parenting Approach empowers parents to establish a team environment in their homes while providing a beautiful balance of love and effective discipline strategies. The Teamwork Parenting Approach equips parents with powerful and practical Teamwork Parenting Tools to build a mutual respect and close, positive relationship with every child.

The Teamwork Parenting Approach teaches parents how to work as a team to:

  • stay Calm, Confident, Cooperative, and Connected in any real-life parenting moment
  • tackle issues such as homework, bedtime, mealtime, sassy attitudes, sibling rivalry, strong wills, and everything in between from a place of love and unity rather than division and conflict.

The Teamwork Parenting Approach helps parents feel more confident in their role as Godly, loving authority figures in their homes while giving kids a sense of belonging as valuable members of their family teams.

My Real-Life Parenting Story

I would cry every night. I would beat myself up over and over for the mistakes I had made throughout the day. I would yell, spank, give timeouts, and cry some more. I was losing my mind!!!! And my kids were losing theirs. Nothing I was doing was working. I felt like a failure. Every. single. day. 

I was a teacher for 11 years before becoming a parent and I had so much training from my classes and student teaching. I had so much support from administrators and support staff observing me and giving me pointers and helpful tips…all to help me to be a better science teacher! But when I became a parent…NOTHING!

I prayed. I cried. I prayed and cried some more. Something had to change. As much as I wished that my kids would be the ones to change, I realized that the change had to come from me. My kids were going to be kids. And the only thing I could control was my own actions to their behavior. Ultimately, I realized that I needed to treat parenting like it was a teaching job (which it is!!). I needed to get trained in parenting. I needed to apply more effective and creative discipline techniques. I needed to work WITH my kids in the team approach that worked so well in my classroom. I was on a mission to be a better parent so I could raise my kids to be kind, loving, responsible, and respectful human beings AND so we could all actually enjoy being a family together.

And then I could help other parents too. Because I knew that I couldn’t be the only one that thought this whole parenting thing…was the HARDEST thing!

But it’s also the most important thing. Through Real Life Families and the Teamwork Parenting Approach, I hope to equip every parent with the tools they need to show their kids what God’s love looks like—even in the messiest, craziest, hardest real-life moments that real life brings. 

We’re in this together!


2018 Leeb Family Photos