Parenting is hard.  Sometimes yelling, arguing, punishing, intimidating, or nitpicking become our go-to methods of handling our child’s tough behavior.  And sometimes, we may give in—letting our child get his/her way because it’s easier in the moment.  And other times, we may just give up–feeling helpless and hopeless thinking that nothing we do ever works so why even try!

What if there was a parenting approach that…

  • equipped you with so many proactive and powerful tools that yelling became a thing of the past?  
  • respected your authority as a parent but still respected your child?
  • helped you stay strong and confident no matter how big of a fit your child may throw?
  • empowered kids and parents to use teamwork to solve any problem together?
  • strengthened your child’s social and emotional health?
  • gave you life-changing ideas to build a close, positive, healthy attachment with your child to last through every age and stage of their development?

Well, there is!  The Teamwork Parenting Approach uses a research-based parenting style designed to empower parents with tools that can be adapted to any culture, any personality, and any child. The tools are designed to …

  • increase parent confidence
  • decrease parent anger
  • improve parent-child relationships
  • help every family work as a strong, healthy, loving team!


No matter what challenges you are facing, The Teamwork Parenting Approach provides you with a tool (or two) to help you through it. Apply these Teamwork Parenting Tools today!


I would cry every night. I would beat myself up over and over for the mistakes I had made throughout the day. I would yell, spank, give timeouts, and cry some more. I was losing my mind!!!! And my kids were losing theirs. Nothing I was doing was working. I felt like a failure. Every. single. day. I was so frustrated! This is not how I pictured family-life at all!!!!!

I was a teacher for 11 years before becoming a parent and I had so much training from my classes and student teaching. I had so much wisdom from administrators and support staff observing me and giving me pointers and helpful tips…all to help me to be a better science teacher! But when I became a parent…NOTHING! What the heck???

I knew the kind of parent I wanted to be. I could picture it in my mind, but when my kids would push my buttons, tick me off, throw huge fits, or disobey, I was at a loss. My authoritarian side would kick in which would only make matters worse, break trust with my kids, and then make me feel guilty and even more frustrated. I just didn’t know what to do. I was scrambling for ideas and tools. But honestly, I felt lost. And don’t even get me started on how overwhelming the internet and all those parenting articles can be!!

I knew the positive impact I wanted to make on my children, but I was just falling short every day. There had to be a better way. But what did that look like? I had no clue. But I was determined to make some changes.  I was not creating the strong family or close relationships that I desperately desired. I knew that my parenting would affect my kids for the rest of their lives.  I cried on the steps at night A LOT asking God for His wisdom and His help and for His direction on the steps forward I needed to take.

And slowly, I learned. I prayed. I made changes. I took classes. I read books. I did research. I got trained. I used my education and experiences as a teacher and administrator, and came up with the Teamwork Parenting Approach with tools I could use that would respect my authority as the parent while still respecting my child.  I unlocked the cooperative, relationship-building teacher I once was and applied those techniques into my parenting and they were working. FINALLY!

I knew I couldn’t be the only one that thought parenting was SO HARD! So I wanted to help other parents too. And that’s what I did, and that’s what I’m doing. Through Real Life Families and the Teamwork Parenting Approach, I hope to equip every parent with the tools they need to build a strong family team and a close, positive relationship with their kids too—even in the messiest, craziest, hardest real-life moments that real life brings. 

We’re in this together and I’m here to help!


CHRISTINE LEEB–Founder and Executive Director of Real Life Families