Parenting is hard. Let’s support each other on our journey.

When parents are supported and feel more confident in their role as parents, they can be more calm and confident…and they can be more cooperative and connected which means more positive outcomes for kids. They have opportunities for proper social, emotional, cognitive, and moral development.

Our parenting groups are led by parent volunteers, mentors, and/or coaches who have “been there…done that” or who are “in there…doing that”. In other words, our groups are led by parents who understand, who know what you’re going through, and who can offer some tools and encouragement too from their Teamwork Parenting Approach curriculum.

Strong-Willed Toddler Group

Got a tough toddler?? We get it!  Not sure what to do with the fits, the crying, the screaming, the whining, the constant resistance? Help is on the way! REGISTER TODAY!

Raising Respectful Teenagers Group

Feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or just need some other parents of teenagers to connect with over the challenges you are facing? Join this monthly group for learning, sharing, and discovering tools for raising respectful teenagers in today’s world. REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SOON FOR FALL OF 2021

Dad Time Group

The CU area’s only dads’ group specifically focusing on providing fun opportunities for dads and kids to connect! REGISTER TODAY