Got a tough toddler?? We get it!  Not sure what to do with the fits, the crying, the screaming, the whining, the constant resistance? Help is on the way!

There is an explosive amount of growth going on in a toddler’s body and brain during this phase of life—which can also explain the explosive emotions that go along with the toddler years too!  Sometimes well-meaning parents can actually interfere with a toddler’s developmental needs and can create unhealthy habits that can have negative long-term effects.

We want to guide you in fostering a secure attachment with your toddler and help you and your child develop healthy habits that will follow him/her through every stage of development—middle childhood, adolescence, and even into adulthood.

Join us for a powerful discussion group where you will:

  • learn life-changing tools and tips from the Teamwork Parenting Approach for handling even the toughest toddler moments.
  • discover ways to establish a positive relationship using a beautiful balance of rule-setting and relationship-building (honoring your authority and their developmental need for autonomy).
  • explore unique and creative strategies to work as a team, solve problems, and build their character.
  • find encouragement and learn new ideas from other parents of strong-willed toddlers.

You are not alone in this parenting journey!  We don’t want to just help you correct behavior but we want to help you build a healthy relationship to last a lifetime!


Here’s what other parents have shared about this group—

I was at my breaking point. Thank you for coming into our lives when I needed it most. Brianna S. Mother of 3 under 3

I cannot say enough positive things about the impact on my parenting. I feel so much more connected to my 3 year old. Sarah B. Mother of 2

My favorite thing was leaving every class feeling like “I can be a better mom”. Nicole D. Mother of 3

Great hearing about other people’s “strong-willed” kids. The tools are really helpful. I am using them! Meghan K. Mother of 2


FOR:  Any mom, dad, grandparent, caregiver with a toddler (or preschool aged child) ages 2-5

WHEN: Every other Thursday starting March 4th.

  • March 4th
  • March 18th
  • April 1st
  • April 15th
  • April 29th

TIME: 6:30pm – 8pm

WHERE: Zoom (link will be provided after registration and before classes begin)

COST:  FREE (Feel free to give a donation to help us continue to offer our services for free in our community!)