Different sides of our brain are “in charge” of different parts of learning, remembering, organizing, thinking, creating, and parenting. God designed us to use both sides of our brain (whole-brained).  Much like the whole idea of the Teamwork Parenting Approach, the left and right sides of our brain are meant to…designed to…created to…work as a team and function in a beautiful balance.

Having said that, most of us see ourselves as having “left brain tendencies” as well as “right brain tendencies”.  We also see ourselves as having a dominant side.  This is actually true. We do tend to operate out of having a dominant side, but we are capable of operating using the strengths of both sides.  Being aware of our brain dominance will help us not only use our strengths in our parenting, but will also help us grow in our weaknesses, learn how to pull from our weaker, less dominant side as needed, and learn to use our God-given whole brain to its fullest!

Directions: Answer the simple series of questions below. At one of our future coaching sessions, we will discuss the results of this assessment and how understanding your brain dominance can help you be more effective in your parenting.