Raising Strong-Willed Toddlers

Sponsored by Firm Foundations at the Mahomet Public Library

WHEN: Tuesday, March 10th

TIME: Light Dinner–5:30pm/ Presentation–6:00pm – 7:00pm

PLACE: Middletown Prairie Elementary School Board Room (Use West-Gym entrance doors) in Mahomet (sponsored by Firm Foundations at the Mahomet Public Library)

TO REGISTER: Email firmfoundations@mahometpubliclibrary.org or call 217-596-2611

CHILDCARE: Register by March 7th

Strong-willed toddlers can make you want to pull your hair out. One minute they are sweet and cuddly and the next minute they are flopping on the floor in a screaming, crying, flailing fit. They have BIG emotions and BIG opinions, and they can have a BIG impact on our family. In this Parenting Seminar, we will:

  • share tools and tips for handling those toddler fits and reveal things parents do to make them worse.
  • discuss powerful tools to establish firm boundaries while still building a positive relationship with your toddler.
  • provide an opportunity to ask questions and interact with other parents with tough toddlers.