Teenagers need our support more than ever!  They are already in a turbulent phase of development with rapid body and brain changes, the search for their identity, and the feeling of being lost in the middle between not being a little kid anymore, but not quite being an adult yet either.  It’s hard time.

Then you add this pandemic…remote learning…lack of peer face-to-face connection time…social media…social comparison…the need for more freedom and autonomy…

and life as a teen can be very difficult, challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, scary, annoying…you name it.

Luckily, Real Life Families and Two Roads Wellness Clinic is partnering to bring you a lunch-hour chat group, Raising Respectful Teenagers, based on learning, sharing, and building relationships with other parents of teenagers.

Got a teenager (or even a tween)?  Join this safe community where you can ask questions, share wisdom, and learn practical tools for raising a respectful teenager from myself as well as a therapist and mom whose “been there, done that” in the whole teen world, Lori Young LCPC and Co-Owner and Clinical Director of Two Roads Wellness Clinic.


OUR NEXT MEETING: Friday, November 20th from 12pm – 1pm
WHERE:  Two Roads Wellness Clinic at 3115 Village Office Place OR on Zoom

TO REGISTER: Call Two Road Wellness Clinic at (217) 531-4101 or email them at:

NOTE:  Even if you feel things are going well for you and your teen, you might just be the support and encouragement that another parent needs! 🙂