Teenagers need our support more than ever!  They are already in a turbulent phase of development with rapid body and brain changes, the search for their identity, and the feeling of being lost in the middle between not being a little kid anymore, but not quite being an adult yet either.  It’s a hard time.

Then you add this pandemic…remote learning…lack of peer face-to-face connection time…social media…social comparison…the need for more freedom and autonomy…

and life as a teen can be very difficult, challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, scary, annoying…you name it.

And parenting that teen???  Well, let’s just say, it can be just as difficult, challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, scary, annoying…you name it!

Luckily, Real Life Families and Two Roads Wellness Clinic is partnering to help you through this difficult parenting journey with our Raising Respectful Teenagers Parenting Group. We will equip you with powerful and practical tools for building a close, positive relationship, setting boundaries, resolving conflict, communicating effectively, and ultimately raising your teen to be responsible, resilient, and respectful. We will also have time for questions, discussions, and sharing.



OUR NEXT MEETING: Friday, January 29th from 12pm – 1pm
WHERE:  Zoom (you will receive the link after you register)

Meeting will be led by:

  • Christine Leeb, Parenting Coach and Founder of Real Life Families
  • Lori Young, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Co-Owner and Clinical Director of Two Roads Wellness Clinic.

TO REGISTER: Call Two Road Wellness Clinic at (217) 531-4101 or email them at:

NOTE:  Even if you feel things are going well for you and your teen, you might just be the support and encouragement that another parent needs! 🙂