Having a love for others—valuing and respecting them, treating them with kindness and love, and genuinely seeing the good in them—is a great quality to have. Being helpful to others, serving others, encouraging others…again, GREAT QUALITIES.  You are a People-Person.

Being others-focused can be very healthy when it’s in balance in your life. It becomes unhealthy when you allow what others think, feel, and do affect what you think, feel, and do in negative ways. It becomes unhealthy when you become a People-Pleaser. It becomes unhealthy when fear takes over and you…

  • avoid living in your own strengths and gifts for fear of what others will think
  • avoid opportunities because of what others will think
  • have difficulty making decisions because of what others will think
  • start to project feelings and outcomes onto people and situations before they even happen
  • avoid doing the right things and making the right decisions because of what everyone else is doing
  • start to feel lost and lack confidence when you don’t feel others approve
  • try to “become something you’re not” just to please others

The truth is, we are called to please no one but God. Acts 5:29 

So how do we become People-Pleasers? How do we stop? Please take this assessment and mark the responses that you feel apply to you MOST OF THE TIME. Please be honest. At our next coaching session, we will discuss the results as well as strategies to move forward in embracing the People-Person in you in a healthy way and ways to avoid being a People-Pleaser.