There are 3 main parenting styles–Authoritarian, Permissive, and Authoritative.

The Authoritarian style is very rule-based.

The Permissive style is very relationship-based.

The Authoritative style is a both rule-based and relationship-based.

According to research, the Authoritative parenting style is the healthiest and most effective style of parenting across cultures—where there is a balance between rules and relationship.  The Teamwork Parenting Approach is a beautiful Authoritative parenting style that adds the element of faith, character-building, and teamwork to make it even better, and my goal as your parenting coach is to help you move more toward this style of parenting.

In this assessment, let’s find out your main parenting style.

Directions:  Read each statement and check all that you would say MOST OF THE TIME. HELPFUL HINTS—Don’t select what you wish you did nor hope to do and don’t spend too much time on one.  If you read it and think: “This totally sounds like me.”  Check it.  If it doesn’t, move on.  At one of our future coaching sessions, we can discuss the results and if needed, make a plan to help you move toward the Teamwork Parenting Approach (Authoritative) by providing more tools to create a better balance to your parenting and therefore, bring more peace to your home.