Thank you for inviting me to present to your group! It is always an honor to present to parents…especially moms. Being a parent is so challenging, but it is the most important job we will ever have. If I can teach powerful Teamwork Tools to make a positive difference in families and help a parent feel more confident in their relationship with God, with their spouse, and with their kids, I know that families will be stronger. More confident parents means more confident and secure children which means more unity in families which make better schools, communities, and a better world!!! Thank you for helping us with our mission to strengthen families and promote healthy parent-child relationships…even in those real-life moments…throughout Illinois!

To help me better prepare for this upcoming presentation to serve you and your group of parents well, please take a few minutes to answer the questions below. When you hit “SUBMIT”, an email will be sent directly to me with all of this information.

If I have any more questions from there, I will contact you. Or if you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at  or call/text me at 217-721-7449.