It’s no secret how God uses our families–especially our husband and our kids–to help us be more like Him.  Everything they do…everything they say…every interaction we have with our kids–is an opportunity for us to show God’s love.  But dang–that’s hard sometimes. Especially when they push our buttons and seem to purposely drive us crazy!

But—the more we understand ourselves and our parenting tendencies, the more we can grow into who God is calling us to be to our kids.  The more we gain knowledge on our negative tendencies, the more we can seek His wisdom on how He wants to change us–mold us and shape us–in order to be more like Him AND in order to be more effective and loving in our interactions with our children. It’s a process.  It’s a one-step-at-a-time daily commitment to being intentional and prayerful.  It’s a humble willingness to do the hard work and the heart work it takes to make little changes that can make a big difference!

In this assessment, you are going to find out your Parenting Personality.  Learning more about your typical personality and go-to interactions with your kids will help you recognize areas of change and work with God and with me to make those changes.

Directions:  Read each statement below.  If the statement sounds like you MOST OF THE TIME, mark it.