Our assessments are designed to help you get to know yourself more intimately—recognizing and using your strengths…but also recognizing and understanding your weaknesses and how they may impact your life…and especially your parenting.   The more we know about ourselves, the more we can seek God’s wisdom to help use learn and grow to being who He created us to be!

We use a wide variety of assessments to help you on your journey. We can do ALL of them or just a few of them–it’s up to you.  In order to make sure you gain the information you are seeking about yourself to be a more calm, confident, cooperative, and connected parent and build those positive relationships with your kids, please order the available assessments below from #1 – #13. #1 being your highest priority and #13 being your lowest.  **NOTE–If there are any assessments that don’t interest you, don’t include them in your priority list. 

Before each coaching session, I will send you one assessment to complete.  After completing each assessment, I will take time to score it, write up an analysis with a detailed report of your results, and provide a meaningful exercise for you to complete.  Then, at a future coaching session, we can discuss any questions you have and set any goals for changes you want to make in your life moving forward.

Here are the available assessments

  • Parenting Style
  • Parenting Reaction Personality
  • Learning Styles
  • Right Brain/Left Brain
  • Fear Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Introvert/Extrovert
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Love Language
  • Passions
  • Natural Abilities
  • Time Management
  • Life Priorities