We all have 3 ways of getting information into our brains–Visual methods (through our eyes), Auditory methods (through our ears), and Kinesthetic methods (through what we do with our hands or bodies). But we don’t all remember information the same way.  Some of us remember information better when we see it; some of us remember information better when we hear it; and some of us remember information better when we do it ourselves (or at least experience some sort of movement while learning). Most of us use a combination of these learning styles with one or two being more dominant. It’s important for us to discover our main Learning Style so that we can use it to our advantage in our lives (work, school, etc.) and in our parenting.

Understanding how you learn, how your brain remembers information, and how you solve problems can empower you to be more confident in all you do! Knowing this information about yourself will also help you be more aware of how your kids may learn and how you can work with them better as a team to teach them important life skills as you move forward.

Let’s find out how you learn best…

Read each scenario below and select the response that best describe how you feel, think, or act most of the time.  As soon as you hit “Submit”, I will receive your results. I will take time to analyze your results to create a chart/graph as well as create a detailed report of how you can use this information to better yourself–as a person and as a parent.  We can also use this information in future coaching sessions to help you relate to your kids and your husband in a better, more effective way to accomplish your family goals.