Walk or run (1K, 2K, or 3K) with your family team to show your support for family unity, for close positive relationships between parents and their kids, and to raise awareness of the need to support families on their journey. We want families to be healthy in their bodies, minds, and in their relationships with each other.

Better families=Better schools=Better Communities=A Better World!

WHEN: Saturday, October 19

TIME: 9am – 11am

WHERE: Colbert Park in Savoy

COST: Suggested Donation–$25 per family

After your family team completes the run hand-in-hand and encouraging each other along the way, you will:


This is a fundraiser for Real Life Families–a non-profit organization equipping parents with tools to build a strong family team and close positive relationships with their kids. We provide free classes and support groups. Help us provide more free programs to help EVERY family! 

REGISTER YOUR FAMILY TODAY by filling out the form below and paying the registration fee.