The toll life is taking right now is incredible. Many parents feel frazzled and exasperated struggling with finances, remote learning and working, and uncertain futures. Some don’t know where to turn for help or aren’t comfortable asking for traditional types of help. 

To respond to current times and needs, we’ve launched a new Family Coaching On-The-Go mobile program. This in-neighborhood program will formally kick off on Saturday, November 14, 2020 from 12-2PM with our first location coinciding with the One Week Boutique event that day at the Champaign Park District’s Leonhard Center at 2307 Sangamon Dr, Champaign

From a mobile van and using tables, chairs, and canopies for both privacy and social distancing, our trained volunteers will meet with parents in free and private coaching, mentoring, and listening sessions to answer their parenting questions, help them cope with stress, and offer them a private opportunity to talk through parenting challenges. The program is open to any parents who want to speak with experienced trained parent peers about parenting concerns, questions, and even prayer requests for parents of faith.

There is no appointment needed, no cost to parents, and no insurance required. Any parent can participate in our Family Coaching On-The-Go program if they feel they need help and support. We especially encourage families with financial difficulties or those with restrictive insurance impeding access to similar help to take advantage of the new program. 

After a short intake session, you’ll be directed to one of our volunteers best equipped to handle your needs. Your sessions will range from 15 minutes to one hour (depending on the number of participants as well as volunteers). Sessions can include other caregivers such as grandparents or guardians.  

The November 14 event will be held outside of Leonhard Center. If attending, please dress appropriately for the weather, wear a mask, and comply with all social distancing requirements. Weather cancellations will be posted here and on our Facebook page that morning. We will provide hand sanitizer and free face masks. 

Family Coaching On-The-Go program partners to date include DREAAM and Volo Internet + Tech. A grant from Sam’s Club Champaign also helped make the program possible.

For now, the coaching, mentoring, and praying services offered by Real Life Families’ volunteers through the Family Coaching On-The-Go program will provide services just to parents. At our mobile clinics, we will also have other free parenting resources available on-site for interested parents to take, including a free parenting book library with tons of resources (thank you to Orphans Treasure Box for helping us stock up!) 

Can’t make the mobile clinic?
In addition to our in-neighborhood mobile program, we’ve also established a phone-in and online messaging service for parents whose schedules don’t make the mobile program possible, or who might want a higher degree of anonymity for their issues or safety given the pandemic. 

  • Family Coaching On-The-Phone help is 920-7FAMILY. Hours for this coordinate with our Mobile Coaching events starting Saturday, November 14th from 12pm – 2pm.
  • Family Coaching On-The-Web can be accessed by messaging us on Facebook here

Can’t make November 14? Our next Family Coaching On-The-Go session will be in early December (date/times TBD) in conjunction with DREAAM, another nonprofit organization that works with children and young adults who need to overcome challenges such as school suspension, anger issues, parental incarceration, and low academic skills.

Want to be a Family Coaching On the Go Mentor or be a part of our Volunteer Team for this program? Sign up HERE