The toll life’s taking right now is incredible, isn’t it? Frazzled and exasperated, we struggle amid pandemic with finances, remote work, online learning with our kids, and uncertain futures. It’s often hard to know where to turn for help and sometimes uncomfortable asking for support.

Sound familiar? If so, we’re here for you. 

Family Coaching On-The-Go is a mentor-based (parents-helping-parents) coaching program with online and in-person opportunities to help you with parenting questions or parenting support during stressful times.  Click on the links below for more information to see how  Family Coaching On-the-Go can support YOU!

Family Coaching On the Go ONLINE SUPPORT

Family Coaching On the Go MOBILE SUPPORT

Family Coaching On-The-Go program partners include Carle Mobile Health Clinic and Volo Internet + Tech. A grant from Sam’s Club Champaign and Walmart through #WalmartGiving also helped make the program possible. Want to add your business or organization to the list? Email Christine at or call at 217-721-7449.

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