Join us on Tuesday each week (times vary from morning, to lunchtime, to evenings to accommodate your schedule) by Zoom to learn quick, practical tools to help you handle a variety of parenting issues and concerns. 

There is no cost to you and no is insurance required.  Just register for whichever coaching session you would like to attend and you will receive the link each week. 

In each weekly session, we’ll share a new parenting topic, like emotionally supporting kids through the pandemic and parenting strong-willed kids. Ask questions, share ideas, and interact…or just listen and learn.


  • Tuesday, May 4 from 8pm – 9pm—How To Get Kids to Listen and Obey
  • Tuesday, May 11 from 9am – 10am —How To Love Your Spouse Well (and Selflessly)
  • Tuesday, May 18 from 12pm – 1pm—How To Help Kids Manage Their Anger
  • Tuesday, May 25 from 8pm – 9pm—How To Teach Your Child Respectful Communication

Register for May Sessions here

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We also have a phone and online messaging service for parents whose schedules don’t make session participation possible, or who might want a higher degree of privacy.

  • Family Coaching On-The-Phone help is 920-7FAMILY
  • Family Coaching On-The-Web can be accessed by messaging us on Facebook here