Family Coaching On the Go Online (FCOTG) is BACK!  Each month, our FCOTG team will be bringing you a FREE, LIVE training on real-life parenting topics that are challenging, concerning, or frustrating.  Each training will be led by experts and mentors who are parents just like you (that have “been there…done that”, or who are still “in there…doing that”).  They will offer you real-life, practical tools and solutions to help you…

  • overcome any parenting challenge
  • lower your stress about your parenting concerns
  • feel less frustrated with your child to keep that parent-child relationship healthy and secure (while still respecting your authority)

Ask questions, share ideas, and interact…or just listen and learn.


No More Chore Battles

No More Chore Battles Online Ad

The whining, complaining, moaning, groaning, fighting, resisting…NO MORE!

Getting kids to do their chores shouldn’t be such a hassle!  But what if you’re not really sure what chores to have your kids do in the first place?  Let’s talk about chores!  Especially as we head into the summer, let’s share ideas and discuss helpful, fun, and creative ways to make chores more of a breeze rather than a battle! 

WHEN: TUESDAY, May 31st from 8pm – 9:30pm CST (with Q & A Time until 9:45pm)

WHERE:  On Zoom (you will receive a link right after you register)

FOR: Any parent or caregiver interested in learning and sharing ideas about chores. 


Phone and online messaging services are available:

  • Family Coaching On-The-Phone help is 920-7FAMILY
  • Family Coaching On-The-Web can be accessed by messaging us on Facebook here