Your donation truly changes lives and helps us build better families.

Through your donation, we are able to—

  • equip and encourage parents through our free parenting seminars, support groups, and resources (online and in print).
  • provide coaching scholarships for families who need one-on-one parenting support, but cannot afford one of our coaching packages.
  • create NEW programs like—
    • our Coaching Mobile Program–bringing mental health support (coaching, counseling, and mentoring) on-the-go available to every family in our community!
    • our Real Life Kids Program–teaching social and emotional health and character-building through song and movement

You can help us bring unity and teamwork to more families.

(Any amount is greatly appreciated!)

$10-$25–allows us to send out a weekly parenting tip and encouragement and provide free resources to parents–both online and in print.

$50-$100–allows us to provide one free parenting coaching session to parents in our community

$100-$500–allows us to teach one free parenting seminar with free childcare for parents in our community

$500 or more–allows us to provide free parenting support groups with free childcare for parents in our community.

Real Life families is a 501c3 non-profit organization so your donation is tax-deductible.

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