Your donation truly changes lives and helps us build better families who love God, love themselves, and love others. Through your donation, we are able to equip parents like Brianna, a mother of three kids under three, who was “at her breaking point” until she attended our FREE Strong-Willed Toddler Parenting Group. She was able to get trained in our Teamwork Parenting Approach and learn 20 Teamwork Parenting Tools to help her handle even the toughest toddler moments with confidence and love.

There are more parents like Brianna who need our Teamwork Parenting Tools to help them remain calm, confident, cooperative, and connected in order to raise kind, respectful, and loving kids, and your donation helps us do just that.

You can help us bring unity and teamwork to more families in our community and beyond. 

(Any amount is greatly appreciated!)


  • allows us to send out a weekly parenting tip and encouragement and provide free resources to parents–both online and in print.


  • allows us to provide one free parenting coaching session to parents in our community


  • allows us to teach one free parenting seminar with free childcare for parents in our community

$500 or more

  • allows us to provide free parenting support groups with free childcare for parents in our community.

Real Life families is a 501c3 non-profit organization so your donation is tax-deductible.