Fathers play a critical role in a child’s development and in the health and wellness of a family and yet so many groups only support moms.  Not anymore!

We are offering CU’s only Dads’ Group specifically focusing on parenting and family relationships.  Fathers who are involved in the family unit–supporting the mom, creating a team environment, establishing healthy boundaries, and securing close, positive relationships with their kids provide the opportunity for healthy life outcomes overall for every member of their family.

In this group, you will:

  • learn faith-based, evidence-based tools and tips from the Teamwork Parenting Approach to help you create a sense of team unity and build a strong attachment with your kids.
  • explore your role as the disciplinarian and leader in your home as you seek to find balance as a rule-setter and relationship-builder.
  • discover how to focus your parenting on character-building along with flexible and creative thinking and problem-solving.
  • find encouragement and learn new ideas from other dads.

You are not alone in this parenting journey!  And YOU can make a difference. Walk away with life-changing ideas to make a long-lasting impact in your family and in the lives of your children.

**This is a brand new group for the dads of CU!


FOR: Any dad with any number of children at any age




COST:  FREE (Feel free to give a donation to help us continue to offer our services for free in our community!)

CHILDCARE:  Due to the coronavirus, we will be unable to offer childcare.

Social distancing will be practiced. Masks are required.