2018 Scheduled Presentations and Events

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Parenting Group Description and Information

Got a tough toddler??? We get it. These are tough years, but they are very important for building a strong foundation in your relationship with your child. Join us for this FREE GROUP where you will learn powerful, teamwork tools and effective discipline strategies for how to handle all the fit throwing, lying, screaming, and protesting that make you want to pull your hair out. Get trained in the life-changing faith-based Teamwork Parenting Approach that will make these toddler years more enjoyable for your family and help you build a close, positive relationship for life!

  • There will be a very special Teamwork Kids Program for kids ages 2-5 where they will learn teamwork tools through stories, bible verses, songs, and games.
  • Childcare for kids ages 0-2 will be provided by Windsor Road Christian Church.

WHEN: Two Fridays per month (see all dates below)

WHERE: Windsor Road Christian Church—2501 Windsor Rd, Champaign, IL 61822

WHO: This class is designed primarily for parents of toddlers, but anyone (grandparents, teachers, care-givers, volunteers, etc.) who takes care of a toddler are welcome to attend

TIME: 9am – 11am

COST: FREE (If you are able, please make a donation to our ministry so we can continue offering free classes and resources in our community)


Meeting Dates and Topics

  • COMPLETED-September 14th (Childcare CLOSED)–What is My Parenting Personality and What Can I Do to Be More Effective?
  • COMPLETED-September 28th (Childcare CLOSED)–How Do I Teach Respectful Communication When I Just Want to SCREAM?
  • COMPLETED-October 12th (Childcare CLOSED)–What Do Appropriate Expectations and Consequences Look Like for My Toddler?
  • COMPLETED-October 19th (Childcare CLOSED–October 13th)--What are the Most Effective Discipline Strategies for These Fit-Throwing Years?
  • COMPLETED-November 9th(Childcare Deadline–November 3rd)–How Can I Start to Teach My Toddler Anger-Management and Self-Control?
  • November 30th(Childcare Deadline–November 24th)–How Do I Teach My Toddler Truth-Telling and Mistake-Making Strategies?
  • There will also be Wednesday evening Parenting Seminars–click here to check out the topics and/or to register. Childcare is provided for FREE!



Here is a full list of classes and presentations we have available.


No More Bullying Website Pic

No More Bullying—Effective Strategies for Raising Kind Kids

More and more, we hear terrifying stories about bullying. How does bullying start? What can we do to prevent it? How do we teach our kids not to be a bully nor to allow someone to bully them? Let’s put an end to bullying together!!!  In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • learn all the answers to these questions and find out more about what bullying is, why it happens, and how to prevent it.
  • walk away with practical and creative parenting tools to raise kind kids.


No More Yelling

No More Yelling

Yelling works. It gets the job done…but at what cost? Your voice? Your sanity? Your child’s trust? Your respect level? There has to be a better way to get our kids to listen and obey, right? In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • learn more about your Parenting Style and how to apply the Teamwork Parenting Approach more often.
  • discover powerful, practical, and even fun parenting tools to replace the yelling and bring peace and teamwork into your home.

No More Picky Eaters

No More Picky Eaters—Strategies for Healthy Eaters, Grateful Attitudes, and Peaceful Mealtimes (Yes, It’s Possible)

Are meal times crazy in your home?  Is it hard to get your kids to eat their food, try new foods, and be grateful for their food?  Are you tired of the complaining or silliness or stubbornness?  Meal times can be tough.  Meal times can be exhausting, but they don’t have to be.  In this Parenting Seminar, you will learn:

  • Creative, no-nonsense strategies to encourage your kids to eat anything that don’t involve begging, battling, or bribing.
  • Ideas to help your kids choose to eat healthy food and be more grateful.
  • Helpful ways to connect with your family and enjoy mealtimes together–eating the same thing…at the same time!


No More Lying

Our kids will make mistakes.  That’s just life!  We all make mistakes.  But sometimes kids just simply don’t know what to do!  Sometimes kids choose to lie, try to hide their mistakes, feel ashamed, try to blame someone else, etc. Let’s empower our kids to do the right thing and learn to be better mistake-makers.  In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • Discover why kids lie and how you can create a “trust bridge” with them instead.
  • Learn practical strategies for what you can do to create an environment in your home of openness, honesty, grace, and forgiveness.
  • Learn 4 simple steps to teach your kids what to do when they make a mistake.


No More Homework Headaches

Doing homework doesn’t have to feel like a chore.  It doesn’t have to be the cause of fights or fits. And it certainly doesn’t have to come in between you and your child’s relationship anymore!  In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing during homework time.
  • identify the different learning styles to make doing homework easier for your child.
  • discover simple parenting tools to empower your kids to be more independent and self-motivated.


No More Bedtime Battles

Bedtime can be just plain exhausting!  Kids can push buttons, need to go to the bathroom, and get drinks of water.  They want you to sleep with them, or they want to sleep with you. And it seems like all the chaos will just never end.  Bedtime is weird, because, if you think about it, we cannot force a child to go to sleep.  So what can we do? In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • learn strategies for creating a bedtime routine that works.
  • discover obstacles in your way that could be preventing your kids from being able to sleep.
  • secrets to empowering your kids to sleep on their own (so you can get the sleep you need and deserve!)


No More Sibling Rivalry

The fighting, the bickering, the tattling, the yelling, the screaming….AAAAAAAHHHH!  Enough!  If you’re tired of your kids not getting along with each other and desire to have more teamwork and unity between your children, this class is for you!  In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • identify triggers that cause kids to fight and what you can do to lessen their need to fight.
  • discover ways you can foster closer, healthier relationships between siblings.
  • learn simple, powerful tools to teach your kids to get along and work as a team.

Parenting the Strong-Willed Kids

Parenting Strong-Willed Kids

Strong-willed kids can make you want to pull your hair out!  They can frustrate you, baffle you, and sometimes even make you want to give up.  In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • Identify just how strong-willed your child really is.
  • Gain wisdom on the true purpose of God giving your child his/her strong will.
  • Learn the most powerful parenting tool for building a positive relationship with your strong-will child.
  • Walk away with 10 teamwork tools for working with your strong-willed child, not against him/her.


Diffusing the Fit Bomb.png

Diffusing the “Fit Bomb”: 4 Keys to Teaching Your Little Ones Self-Control

Kids will throw fits.  They will scream.  They will cry.  They may even throw things or flail about all over the ground.  Sometimes kids just simply explode! Fits can be so frightening, frustrating, annoying, and can make us really lose our cool.  What can we do instead?  In this Parenting Seminar, you will learn:

  • common strategies parents use that can actually cause more fits.
  • calm strategies for what to do during a fit that don’t involve yelling.
  • powerful tools to implement for preventing fits in the first place.

Teamwork Parenting Approach

The Teamwork Parenting Approach: 3 Secrets to Working With Our Kids Not Against Them

Do you ever just want to run far, far away from the chaos and constant bickering that goes on in your family?  Do you ever feel that there is just too much fighting, yelling, and arguing?  Well, no more!  The Teamwork Parenting Approach is about to change your family.  Get ready for more cooperation, respect, responsibility, and unity in your home.  In this Parenting Seminar, you will:

  • Learn the 3 simple steps of using the Teamwork Parenting Approach.
  • Identify your current parenting approach along with ways to effectively apply the Teamwork Parenting Approach for more positive results.
  • Discuss areas that are challenging to your family–homework, bedtime, mealtime, etc.–and create an action plan for how the Teamwork Parenting Approach can solve those problems.
  • Walk away with powerful tools to conquer the chaos and work together as a family/team!

go-family-classGo Family! 9 Practical Ways to Bring More Team Unity in Your Home

Your family is your team no matter who is in it, where you live, or what you do!   Let’s learn to live united with our families and stay a strong team.  In this fun and light-hearted Parenting Seminar you will:

  • learn simple, practical ideas for creating unity in your home.
  • discover strategies for helping every member of your family feel like they belong, that they are loved, and that they are valuable members of your team family. 
  • find a new joy in spending time with your family team!

Marriage Matters-4 Secrets to a Thriving Marriage.png

Marriage Matters: 4 Secrets to a Thriving Marriage

A strong family team starts with a strong marriage team.  Invest in your marriage for a night of encouragement, learning, and fun.  In this workshop, you will:

  • hear a powerful real-life marriage story that survived near-divorce (and is now almost 18 years strong.)
  • gain practical strategies (the 4 secrets) to bring more teamwork and unity to your marriage.
  • walk away with a new joy, purpose, and passion for making your marriage a priority–despite the craziness of life, kids, jobs, activities, bills, dishes, laundry, etc. We promise.  It is possible!



diverse-preschool-kidsKind Kids

Bullying is a problem and needs to stop!  But, guess what?  Bullying doesn’t even have to start in the first place.  Let’s teach our kids kindness and love for themselves and for others.  Let’s teach them to value themselves and value others too.  Let’s make the world a more “bucket-filling” place.  In this fun and interactive class for preschool kids, we will:

  • read the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”
  • identify ways kids can be kind to themselves and to others.
  • help kids recognize their importance and the importance of others.
  • express understanding of kindness and “bucket-filling” with a song, activities, coloring, and more.

This lesson also meets the following benchmarks from the Illinois Early Learning Standards for preschool:

  • 1.A Demonstrate understanding through age-appropriate responses.
  • 2.A Demonstrate interest in stories and books.
  • 2.B Recognize key ideas and details in stories.
  • 2.D Establish personal connections with books.
  • 5.A Demonstrate growing interest and abilities in writing.

Get Ready for KindergartenKindergarten…I’m Ready!

Starting Kindergarten is exciting but it can also be scary–for both the child and the parents. You and your soon-to-be kindergartner are invited to this free and fun class where we will share what to expect and help you feel more ready for this big step.  In this presentation, we will:

  • share the 4 R’s of being ready for Kindergarten.
  • provide simple strategies for working as a team to make Kindergarten go more smoothly.
  • have a time for Q & A for both you and your future kindergartner.

There will be snacks and great information on how to make this transition easier on the whole family!

Middle School Kids

Middle School…I’m Ready!

It’s new.  It’s exciting.  It’s scary…it’s middle school!  Being in middle school can be tough.  There are so many changes.  So many new responsibilities.  So many expectations.  In this presentation, you and your soon-to-be middle school student will focus on areas of learning, organization, communication, and character.  With fun activities, discussions, and role-playing, we will explore:

  • How our brains work and how your brain learns and remembers information best.
  • How to be more organized and ready for additional responsibilities and homework.
  • How to be assertive in communicating with teachers and friends.
  • How to make good choices and be a student of good character.



life-is-more-than-poopy-diapersLife is More Than Poopy Diapers:  Finding Your Purpose as a Mom

Being a mom can turn out to be so much harder than we thought it was going to be!  It’s easy to feel like you’re constantly failing and even lose your own purpose in life! Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with bottles, burping, night-time feedings, and poopy diapers?  Have you ever thought: “Is this what my life has become?”  You have a purpose in motherhood and outside of motherhood.  In this class, you will:

  • Identify your strengths and God-given abilities. 
  • Move toward discovering how God wants you to use those strengths in motherhood and in life.
  • Find a new sense of purpose and joy in your season of motherhood. 

motherhood-survival-tips-facebookMotherhood Survival Tips

Motherhood can be just plain crazy! Why not take some time to learn some tips and tricks from some of the Real Life Families team–moms in all stages of motherhood–to make your life a little less crazy. Learn from our mistakes and our triumphs to bring you more joy on your motherhood journey! In this class, you will learn:

  • Tips for keeping your house clean and your stuff more organized.
  • Secrets for managing your time and accomplishing goals.
  • Strategies for encouraging positive behaviors in your kids.


Meal-Planning for the Mom Who Hates Meal-Planning

Learn how to save over $4,000 on your grocery bill each year!  You don’t have to hate meal-planning!  You don’t have to be the oh-no-it’s-5 o’clock-what-the-heck-are-we-having-for-dinner-tonight kind of mom.  It’s time to discover a life-changing way to plan meals that is so simple that any mom can do it!  Learning this simple 4-step meal-planning method will help you:

  • Save money on your grocery bill.
  • Save time, energy, and your sanity while not wasting any food!
  • Learn to love meal-planning…yes, that’s right…actually love meal-planning.