Summer Date Night Challenge

With everything from COVID-19 to racial division, it’s been an unusual and eye-opening period of time that shows us what is really important!  Plus, I think we could all use some love and some creative ways to connect within our own homes.  Because guess what? Every idea I will share won’t require for you to leave your house or if you do, it will be social-distancing sensitive!

So, it’s time to date your spouse and make your family stronger.  Your kids need to see you and your spouse having fun…connecting…being silly…making each other laugh…and more importantly, making each other a priority.  That means: “We love you, kids, but you’re going to bed early so mommy and daddy can spend some time together WITHOUT YOU!”

Oh I know how hard it is.  Raising kids can suck every ounce of energy and motivation you may have and just simply getting through the day can be something to celebrate.  I get it.  I really do.  But, this summer, Real Life Families would like to invite you to get a little boost of energy and a teeny tiny bit of motivation to date your spouse, and we will make it easy for you.  For the next 8 weeks, we will give you 8 simple date night ideas for you to try and we challenge you to do one idea just once a week.  We know that your marriage will be totally blessed by it!

Join in the date night fun!  It starts June 20th.

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