Better Families  = a better world!


Real Life Families is a non-profit organization providing free classes and resources for families that offer real solutions for real life.  


Our mission is to build better families by educating, equipping, encouraging, and empowering families to be the best that God created them to be.  

If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.  -Mother Theresa  


We develop classes that strengthen families from all walks of life by providing practical tools, ideas, solutions, strategies, and systems that will help solve the problems that today’s families face.  Our classes are designed to be informative, interactive, fun, and engaging for kids, parents, and even whole families.  Our goal is to help families work as a team and enjoy life together…no matter what life brings their way.   


Our classes are offered at least twice a month at various places around our community:  homeless shelters, libraries, churches, schools, preschools, our local Boys and Girls Club, etc.  Our classes can also be adapted for moms groups, workshops, conferences, etc.  Sign up for our Weekly Encouragement  or check out the events on our Facebook page for any upcoming classes and locations open to the public.

We also accept invitations to teach wherever we are invited.   Invite us to teach a class for your school, group, or organization.

Your home is your child’s most important classroom, and you are your child’s most important teacher.


Leeb Family CRAZY

Meet Christine–Founder and President…

Christine is a Speaker and Family Coach and enjoys getting “real” about life.  She is impatient, imperfect, and hides brownies from her kids.  She hates Pinterest and being crafty, and she often misses being called “Coach Leeb the Science Dweeb” by her awkward, awesome middle school students.  At one point in her life, she thought she would never be a mom.  Now, she feels so blessed to have a crazy family and is thrilled that God is using her teaching and administrator experiences to find systems and strategies that helps them work as a team.  Through Real Life Families, she is passionate about developing curriculum and teaching classes to help other families too.  She values every opportunity to encourage families from all walks of life on their journey.

Christine also has an advanced certificate as a Christian Life Coach for Women, is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is a regular writer for Her View From Home.

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Meet Tiffany L….Vice President

Tiffany is a natural encourager and pursues her walk with God wholeheartedly.  With four kids, she relies on Him for strength every day.  She also buys her girls way too many dresses, sneaks treats when her kids aren’t watching, and sometimes gets mad at her husband when her kids are being difficult because she has to deal with it while he gets to be at work.  Through Real Life Families, she loves the behind-the-scenes of planning and brainstorming, but she especially loves uplifting moms and families alongside other women who have the heart to do the same.


Meet Stephanie….Secretary

Stephanie is transparent and loves to laugh.  With a basket of laundry that constantly needs to be put away, she tries to be organized but can never seem to keep up, keeps a stash of chicken nuggets in the freezer for when she’s too tired to cook, and has a my-one-year-old-vomited-at-the-dentist-office-story that will make you laugh for days!  She seeks to find a good balance of spending time with her three girls reading Fancy Nancy while still finding time to walk, read, and even take a nap!  Through Real Life Families, she uses her imperfect story to encourage others and looks forward to God stretching her and increasing her trust in Him.  As a former preschool teacher, she enjoys planning and leading the classes too.

Meet Tiffany J….Board Member and Volunteer

Tiffany is an idea-maker.  She also admits to being imperfect, seeks forgiveness from her kids often, and once realized she forgot a child behind when she saw her in the rear view mirror.  With four kids, she feels pulled in many directions, but she always invests in spending quality time as a family, enjoying activities at church and even taking dance classes.  And this gal can even lead as the CEO of two businesses too!  Through Real Life Families, she loves to find new ideas to help moms and families and share her love for the Lord.

Meet Jewel…Board Member and Volunteer 

Jewel is a giver.  With five kids in all different stages of life, she is…well…very busy to say the least!  She has learned to take life one day at a time.  She lovingly gives to her family and makes them her priority.  She also admits to running late way too often, has learned to be very flexible, and somehow finds the time to write, sing, workout, and spend time with her friends.  Through Real Life Families, she uses her passion for connecting with moms and families and looks forward to praying for and loving anyone she meets.  She prays for our ministry and sends prayers to families in need.  If you have a prayer request, please email her at:


Meet Jennifer…Board Member

Jennifer is an open book and values good friendships.  She also love to travel, hates potty-training, sometimes feeds her kids cereal for dinner three nights in a row, and has her black belt in Taekwondo.  With four kids six and under, those skills can come in very handy!  She enjoys setting goals and accomplishing them and even met, dated, got engaged, and married to her husband in only four months!  Through Real Life Families, she uses her gift of creativity and loves having opportunities to learn and grow.  She enjoys encouraging others and seeing them go after God and all the good that He has for them.  She also lends her talents in design to create our logo and other promotional needs.  You can find Jennifer’s creations at Designs on the Go!



Meet Valena….Board Member 

Valena is a leader and keeps it 100% real.  She admits forgetting to fasten her first born into his car seat.  She realized that the check out lady who judged her when her youngest said “Mom, you forgot your wine” must not have had any children, and she once rushed out of the house forgetting all three of her kids at home and didn’t realize it until she was around the block and asked them a question and wondered why they didn’t answer!  Luckily, she has mint chocolate chip ice cream, Starbucks, knitting, a secret bakery business, and true passion for Jesus to redeem herself!  Through Real Life Families, she loves to make a positive impact in the lives of moms and families and educate them on the importance of supporting one another and leaning on God.  She helps us connect with organizations who would benefit from our classes.


Meet Jen….Board Member 

Jen is a true do-er with a servant’s heart.  She admits that her house is never truly put together, she has so many real mom moments that she can’t name just one, and she would rather make cards and be crafty than clean.  She loves all things Disney and would rather be at Walt Disney World with her husband and three kids than any other place on earth!  Through Real Life Families, she adores having the opportunity to help families find the freedom to take off their masks and learn to be real with others.  She wants everyone to understand that no one is perfect…just super people doing their best!  She helps coordinate events in our community.


Meet Erica…Board Member 

Erica is a quiet powerhouse.  She is on fire for the Lord and needs true connection with women to keep her sane.  With two boys and four jobs, Erica admits that her life can be crazy.  Her toddler once got naked and peed at the park while on a play date; she often wonders “Why do they have to eat dinner every night?”, and wine, chocolate, date nights, a good book, and naptime are the keys to her survival.  She is a dreamer, journal-er and goal-setter.  Through Real Life Families, she looks forward to gaining wisdom in leadership, serving and loving others, and following God’s calling.  She helps coordinate events in our community.


Meet Amy…Volunteer

Amy is an imperfect perfectionist who finds joy in the little things and seeks God’s wisdom for everything!  She has played almost every sport, competed in a National Flag Football Championship game in college, has a poop-up-the-back story from her first child that her whole family still laughs about 10 years later, and has a special needs heart kiddo. She takes challenges that life gives her and uses them to strengthen her relationship with God and continue to grow into who He is creating her to be.  Through Real Life Families, she enjoys coming alongside, encouraging, and serving families–especially moms–in any way she can.  Parenting is so hard and she wants others to know that it doesn’t take perfection, it only takes God’s love.

Together, we are building better families and changing the world!