Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men…Colossians 3:23

God has given you a variety of different abilities, or natural gifts and talents. These are things that you can do that “come easily” to you. Make no mistake that it isn’t a mistake that you can do these things so well. It is through these natural gifts and talents that God can use you in the world to do His work. Rick Warren, the author of A Purpose Driven Life writes: “The abilities you have are a strong indication of what God wants to do with your life. God doesn’t waste abilities; He matches our calling with our capabilities.” 

Knowing your abilities can help you find a career, serve your church, volunteer in the community, bless your friends, and especially serve your family. God wants you to use these abilities somewhere. They have a purpose and so do you!

Let’s find out your natural abilities. At our next coaching session, we will discuss how you are using these now and how you can use these in the future.

Below is a list of abilities, skills, and trades. Check all that apply to you.