Family Fun Summer Challenge

I know that we have all spent so much time together because of COVID-19, but I hope you and your family saw the benefit of slowing down and making FAMILY a priority.  Kids need to see family as important and as a valuable way to spend their time so when we continue to spend time together even when we don’t necessarily have to, our kids will continue to find significance and belonging where they need it most…as part of their family team.

Need simple, creative ideas on ways to connect?  Let Real Life Families help you this summer!  Starting June 20th, we will send you a short and sweet email once a week for 8 weeks with some fun ideas.  That’s it.

Choose your family over other things that could “busy up” your time. Choose fun times. Choose building memories. Choose connection and fun!

Are you ready to connect with your family this summer?

Sign up for our Summer Date Night Challenge too with ideas to connect with your spouse!

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